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CONTACT INFORMATION [ profile] deathdesu, Macrocosm says on AIM
CHARACTER NAME SONiKA (cowardsoftware, VOCALOID based on songs by SeriousMF and a CRAU.)
Age 17
Gem Healer's Gold
Permissions None in particular for me. If you're not sure about something, feel free to ask! Also, she has an opt-out post for sensitive subjects and stupid txt talk.
NOTES SONiKA's app contains info on her song AU. See below for previous game info ([community profile] jarjammed).
☆ Freebies: Shapeshifting, Bubbling, Fusion
☆ Basic weapon (1-handed guns)
Alchemy (between two items, once a day, using up the original two items, no weapons)
☆ Hearing music gives her a general increase in speed (faster sprinting, quicker reflexes, getting in more attacks than usual, etc)

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original


Jarjammed was a Homestuck themed roleplay, where everything was basically an insane romhack of SBURB with made up classes and aspects brought about by the remnants of a failing session. SONiKA, having dropped in the middle, is coming to Cosmo directly from her in-game planet. For reference, her stats from that game are compiled here.

Chumhandle: amorousComputations

Colour: #01DF3A

Strife Specibus: Pistolkind

Prototyping: Dead Sunflower + Boxed Sonika Vocaloid Program (To create SONIKASPRITE, or "Sunika" if she's being cute, who was a flower that acted like Zero-G's portrayal of Sonika, thanks to being merely a software with Sonika's default personality but none of her own memories. Except, when having to talk about spritey things, she would use vague, overly-flowery language. Because she was part flower, you know.)

Mythological Role: Nymph of Tongues

In-game abilities: The "tongues" aspect represented the power of communication. She never did learn what the "Nymph" class's effect was on that, except for "Nymph of Tongues" having the superpower of being a very easy class title to make immature jokes about.

Planet: SONiKA's planet is the Land of Rings and Serious Business (LORASB) a desert planet with silicon sand, the monotony of giant silvery dunes broken only by the huge and mysterious golden rings that are everywhere, standing like monuments. The consorts - little green lions and lionesses - have tamed their barren planet and built for themselves a magnificent city where they have bazaars and other commerce. They take all this capitalism very seriously, but since they're just consorts and not bright enough to make computers with all that silicon, the most expensive businesses involve selling each other superficial shit like fancy suits, jewelry and cosmetics. Sunglasses are big over there for understandable reasons. That sand is extra-reflective! A non-robotic hero could go blind!

The Denizen is Echo, who has a giant, denizen-sized microphone and sings day and night upon her awakening. The sound reverberates off of the gold rings and spreads it all over the world, to the point where the consorts can't talk to each other over the noise and it's difficult to conduct business, so their society is falling apart. To make matters worse, Echo's singing is terrible.

CR: Jarjammed was a rather unique game in that most of the interactions took place in public "memos", basically giant 'chatrooms' with the whole game jumping in at their own pace, so she was aware of a lot of characters sometimes without ever interacting with them on a personal level. It was also surprisingly heavy on fourth-walling to the point where many characters were aware there were fictional versions of themselves in each other's worlds (Even SONiKA did, via Madoka AU Jake) ...Suffice it to say that she is not going to be surprised with discrepancies in anyone else's story because there were more AUs and crazy shit in this game than you could shake a stick at, and pursuing past CR is not something she is likely to bother with unless otherwise plotted because after a point she'd automatically assume they're not the version she knows. But I'll list it here anyway as a potential point of interest.

Having said that, she tended to throw herself in with the troll ancestor's lot (Jarjammed's version of Signless and Psiionic in particular she considered friends but she was favorable toward the whole group, minus the highbloods who were also there.) She had connections to Yuna from Final Fantasy X and (a younger) Shelly de Killer from Ace Attorney, as they were her server and client respectively. She was also fairly fond of Pinkie Pie (MLP:FIM) and Sirius Black (Harry Potter) and she's met all of these people in person and knew them by name.

Other people she'd recognize by face are Zuko (ATLA), The Once-Ler (that Lorax movie), Dirk Strider (who was from a complicated AU mandated by the necessity of a no sburb history rule that somehow ended up in his body being made of JPEG artifacts), Jake English (From a Madoka Magica AU) and once bodyswapped with Dr. Horrible ('s singalong blog).

On the network, some notable CR with GLaDOS (Portal) where she attempted (not entirely successfully) at AI solidarity and also helped her test the portal device (ended in her alchemizing it with her computer glove to create a device that could deliver punches through the network.)

She also knew both Karkats (troll and human AU), Billy Kaplan (Marvel), Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Cassandra, Mary, Ghost (idk they were from books and stuff? she's never gonna run into them in RP again but they were generally very present)

I think that's everyone she knew by name rather than handle but will add more if I remember!


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