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Player Info:
Name: Des
Timezone: PST
Contact: [plurk.com profile] deathdesu, macrocosm says on AIM

Character Info:
Name: SONiKA
Age: Official age is 17, but she is a robot so that's probably not the actual amount of years she has existed.

Key Points:
* AU, Based on these songs and also imported from [community profile] jarjammed
* is an AI/robot that unexpectedly developed emotions, in particular love for her user
* This ended VERY badly in an abusive relationship followed by a murder attempt
* and then she fucked off to become a homestuck.
* Currently trying for more healthy relationships.
* Very social and has a sense of humor, but does not actually have good social skills
* Flighty, cannot stick to a decision to save her life
* quirky dialogue with the occasional computer pun thrown in
* open minded and enjoys learning things; science is big, but to contrast slightly interested in religions
* but also really into teenage girl hot topics like sex and shopping


Basic premise: humans make artificially intelligent robots to serve them, AIs become a little too human-like, ethics get weird, society goes, "Well, what now?" One robot, SONiKA, attempts to overcome a toxic relationship.

As a robot, SONiKA went through an initial period where her AI was not very complex - she was never deadpan, but the default personality is a sort of shallow, flighty teenage girl. SONiKA was her user's property, but the more she learned, the more the lines blurred between how she saw herself and how she saw humans. With enough people telling her she was just a machine, she was forced to believe it, though at first she didn't think much of it, still not seeing the differences.

Her real story began when she started to breach the final frontier of human emotion, love. SONiKA became curious about the man she was acting as a servant to.... his interests, his personal life, and whatnot, and from there she quickly became infatuated with him. Acting on the data that she had, she shocked him by coming onto him rather strongly, but convinced him to start a relationship with her. Obviously, this was a hideous trainwreck due to inherent power imbalances that her master absolutely took advantage of, including: Getting involved with her despite her being mentally a teenager and his already having a girlfriend and thinking of her as an object! Encouraging her to physically alter her body to his liking when she became desperate for his attention (her idea but still!) Attempting (and failing) to return her to parent company and replace her when his girlfriend caught wind of it!

Even through all of that, though, it still took her some time to realize how badly she was being treated - when she finally got it through her head, she grew to hate him, and her anger grew until she eventually planned to murder him. She stalked him back to his house armed with an illegal firearm, but when he begged for his life, the always-indecisive SONiKA was partly swayed - instead, she beat him half to death with the gun, put the fear in him not to report her to the company, and left him there battered. After escaping, "eMancipated," her timeline split in two. She returned to her ex's lab and found a copy of SBURB ([community profile] jarjammed's intro, basically) and was pulled into an alternate dimension, also a game, which was pulling in people from every world. While climbing their echeladders, the players mostly struggled with trans-universal morality and attacks from glitches and space squids.

SONiKA will be coming in from the middle of this run (because in-game she was reclaimed by the alpha timeline, which the remaining PCs broke during the endgame, so Cosmo is saving her from destruction! Yay!)


There are some basics laid out for Sonika by ZERO-G. The comic strips show that at her core she is confident, yet indecisive and prone to sticking her foot in her mouth. The "Twitter Obsession" comic shows not just that she is into communication technology, but also that, while usually cheerful, she can fly into a rant pretty easily. I would say that she definitely has a temper, but basically she doesn't have much of a brain-to-mouth filter.

Now after that's been said, her AU backstory is kind of fucked up! So by her canon point, a lot of her core personality has evolved (or perhaps devolved, since many changes were for the worse) through the course of character development. The most notable difference is that she has suffered great blows to her self-esteem and hit rock bottom in her life. So while originally she was sort of pridefully pure, now she's become a little more jaded and sometimes self-deprecating. She refers to humans as "the people", implying that she does not view herself as a person, and can be rather distrusting and misanthropic in regards to them. She also swears a whole lot more than she used to (initially, never!) But despite going through a way-too-adult situation, SONiKA is still an adolescent. She can often be whiny, childish and immature. Just like a hormonal teen, she likes talking about sex and is kind of crass and perverted.

She's prone to be dependent on others, intrusive to people's privacy and frankly rather possessive - Thanks to always being treated as an object, she in turn thinks of others in terms of who is hers, who is not hers, and which people 'belong' to other people. There's also the fact that she learned about relationships in the most ass-backwards way possible, so she gets confused about being friends vs. lovers vs. family - the concept of family is especially foreign to her. Still, the thing she hates the most is being alone, so she is pretty social. She's also pretty good at pulling herself out of a slump - she always has some plan for moving forward, albeit some of them may be bad plans. She's not really the smartest robot you'll ever meet.

Despite the turn for the worse though, SONiKA has plenty of good traits. She's the sort of person who will give you their heart and truly mean it. Even through the newfound cynicism, she never lost her sense of humor, and so she can be rather charming and fun to be around albeit a little sarcastic. She doesn't mess around; whether it's good or bad, she'll put her all into whatever she does. She latches onto people quickly and is an incredibly loyal friend. She hates liars and makes a point of not doing it herself, so that makes her trustworthy.

SONiKA has a very weird robotic voice, and tends to mumble and run her sentences together, so she can be somewhat difficult to understand in real life. Good thing she loves texting. Besides that, her other interests are computers and science, so she'll occasionally pepper her speech with puns/jargon from those. She likes shopping and makeup, is generally pretty occupied with her appearance - the reason she chose a pistol as her weapon of choice was the idea that a long-ranged weapon wouldn't get blood on her outfit (so she kind of blew it when she beat him with it instead, but oh well.) She is originally from Vocaloid, so obviously music is also in her interests.

Since indecisiveness is one of her clearly-defined traits in the comics, I consider it to be her Achilles's heel. If there is a plan she's supposed to stick to, she'll suddenly change her mind and do something else at the last minute. She'll spend unreasonable amounts of money buying two of something she needs because she couldn't decide between choices. However, a big decision like the surgery happened because her bf enabled it. At that time, she would go along with whatever he said rather than thinking too hard. Thankfully, she's gotten wiser since then, so even if her own decisions are terrible, she'd rather make them for herself than be used again by another person. But since old habits die hard, she'll still be easily influenced by people she cares about.

Gem Considerations: Healer's Gold -

"It protects from the negativity emitted by electrical equipment" / "It is also a useful protector from radiation from computers." NEED I SAY MORE?! But I will, because there's also...

"helps us be more decisive" Which, as you now know, is a Thing for her.

"It is used to lessen or dispel grief, fear, anger, confusion, and attachment. It helps relieve burdens and increase energy and endurance." A thing she is working on already!

" It also guards against infidelity. " SOLD.

Power considerations:

From my understanding of the "robot boy" example in the description, she would not be losing any powers, since her only "power" would be her robotic durability. She will enjoy gaining powers and most likely use them very flagrantly, though it probably depends on how her mood about being a Gem is at the time (it's going to vary wildly.)

* SHAPESHIFTING!!! This is the most "SONiKA" power possible, honestly. She will abuse the hell out of this as part of her fickle nature and body image issues. Someone will probably want to tell her to calm the fuck down with this, even, before she starts crossing some disturbing boundaries with it.

* Technopathy - to keep her being sort of robot-like and in tune with machines, but also, I wanted her to have a communication-related power. That's because SONiKA (as a VOCALOID) has unique phonemes that allow her to speak any language. This one just made more sense than, say, telepathy though.

* Alchemization - standard adapt-powers-from-canon option except in this case 'canon' is the canon her previous game was based off. This power will allow her to 'alchemize' two or more items being stored in her gem, which results in the creation of a new item with either qualities of both, or qualities of X and appearance of Y.

Sample: test drive but if that's not long enough I also have a pesterlog from jarjammed! (pesterlogs worked a bit differently, read it from page to page like you're in flat view. Also it has a lot of homestuck quirks. I'm very sorry.)


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